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Bulging Discs

When a disc bulges, it swells backwards and presses on the spinal nerves. A spinal disc is made up of a center gel (nucleus) and concentric cartilage rings that act as a shock absorber between the bones of the spine.

At the airport, I picked up a suitcase the wrong way and herniated my L5. I was experiencing continuous pain and sought out the help of spinal decompression clinic. I came in for my first consultation and he was able to get me an MRI the same day so that I was able to start the treatment the next day. After just the first visit I felt the pain in my lower back decrease. A month after I began the treatment I left the country to study at Oxford University for the semester and had no problem with the ten hour flight or walking all over Europe. Thanks to the spinal decompression treatment I was able to travel all over Europe and take full advantage of any free time I had away from studying with no back pain.

Dennis V.