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Dr. Sheila Homer, D.C.

Dr. Sheila Homer, D.C. of Skyline Health & Wellness has many years of bio-mechanical correction, strength, and nutritional training under her belt. We have treated many patients with conditions such as whiplash, scoliosis and herniated discs. We have outstanding success with these conditions and many others. Patients seeking treatment at Skyline Health & Wellness are assured of receiving only the finest quality care, because we have a genuine concern for your well-being and long-term health.

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care helps correct the alignment of the spine allowing the nervous system to function without interference. The brain and spinal cord run the entire body. The body is a self-healing system when allowed to run normally. When the spine is under stress from injury or poor posture, the nervous system is impeded and can cause back and neck pain and improper organ functioning. Your body wants to be healthy and function at its optimum potential. Chiropractic is a natural form of therapy that assists the body’s innate ability to correct imbalances and heal.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimum health and vitality through our programs!

On Your First Visit

  1. You will have a thorough consultation and exam with the doctor.
  2. X-rays will be taken to evaluate your spine. The x-rays will then be studied.
  3. Physical therapy will be started to help decrease pain and inflammation.

On your next visit, you will be given the results of your x-rays and a treatment program will be recommended to you. This treatment program will include a spinal rehabilitation program to restore proper posture and spinal bio-mechanics (curves).

Dr. Sheila Homer Skyline Chiropractic

Dr. Sheila Homer has been successfully treating patients in the Downtown Long Beach community for the over 30 yrs. We specialize in providing the highest quality care to each and every patient for the relief of acute and chronic injuries. Our “State of the Art” program combines physical therapy, massage therapy, core strengthening and chiropractic care.

Low Back Pain Long Beach

Our patients participate in the Pettibon Spinal Rehabilitative program to restore proper spinal curves and improve posture. Your posture is the window to the spine and nervous system and is the key to relieving pain and improving your energy level. Our 2 main specialty programs utilize the Pettibon technique to correct spinal curves in the neck and low back. Secondly, we also have a “Spinal Decompression” table. This table uses axial traction to relieve disc injuries in the neck and low back as well as radiating nerve pain into the extremities.

Scoliosis Treatment Long Beach

The Pettibon Scoliosis treatment is the most effective rehabilitative program designed to reduce and then reverse scoliosis. Since it’s a non-invasive process it can be used on both young children and adults. Scoliosis is one of the hardest spinal conditions to change. Most doctors do not even try. They will use bracing and surgery to try and stop the progression.