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Sciatica is an irritation to the sciatic nerve which controls the function of the lower extremities. Compression or pinching of this nerve can be from a degenerated or herniated disc. The symptoms of sciatica can be pain, tingling, numbness or weakness to the legs. Sciatica can also be aggravated by coughing, sneezing and prolonged sitting. Relieving sciatica comes from relieving the source of compression on the nerve.

At Skyline Health & Wellness we educate our patients on how the body works, and its ability to heal. Read our patients’ testimonials to hear how we help to eliminate pain and restore quality of life. Our clinic recognizes this new technology can help many patients who have had little success with other conservative treatment. Spinal Decompression has been the most important medical advance in the non-surgical, non-invasive treatment of back pain in the past 10 years. This FDA cleared Spinal Decompression technology is presently being utilized by neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractic physicians, family physicians, pain specialists, and physical therapists across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

I’ve had back pain for about 10 years. Gone to chiropractors off and on. I had sciatica down my left leg where I couldn’t even sleep at night. I went probably two weeks with maybe one or two hours of sleep each night. One of my co-workers had done the similar treatment out of state, so I went on the internet and researched spinal decompression. My first day I did not feel any relief whatsoever and was basically disappointed. Then after about the third visit, the sciatica went away and I was able to sleep at night. My last treatment was 3 months ago and I am in heavy construction. And I have been wearing my nail bags and my climbing harness and packing lumber. And there has been no problem whatsoever. I would recommend spinal decompression to anyone who has any slight discomfort in their lower back.

Thad T.