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Herniated Discs

When I saw my MRI’s, it really scared me. I had 3 bulging discs and 2 degenerated discs. The orthopedist even told me that when I was “ready for surgery” to give them a call. I thought this was really ridiculous. I was so scared of surgery, especially after he told me that it “might not even work!” I saw an ad for the spinal decompression treatment in the paper. My stenosis was so bad that the sciatic pain was with me 100% of the time…day and night. I began treatment immediately and am so happy we decided to try it.  Its been 3 months now. I have no pain in my back. It’s gone completely. I rarely take any more Tylenol or Ibuprofen anymore. My husband, Ron, says I am sleeping better and in a much better mood. I can pick up my grand-children with out worrying about my back now. Spinal decompression has made my life and my families’ life much happier.